Chase Franklin Kennedy

  • Born: May 31, 1956
  • Died: September 28, 2013
  • Location: Salton City, California

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Tribute & Message From The Family

Dad and Grandma

Chase Kennedy, born Charles Franklin Tschirhart, of Salton City, CA died on September 28, 2013. He is the son of Robert Leo Tschirhart and the late Magdalen Louise Tschirhart (Braun) of Port Hope, MI. Charles is survived by two sons Benjamin (wife Sarah) of Hereford, AZ and Lucas (wife Ashley) of Josephine, TX. Charles has six grandchildren Alli, Cole, Jacob, Eli, Jadyn and Abigail. He is also survived by his eight sisters Sallie Reithel (Wayne), Carol Stirrett (Wayne), Nancy White (Patrick), Linda Schramski (Walter), Joann Sengstock (Willard), Joyce Koglin (Don), Mary Kelly (Frank), and Pamela Neal (Bradley).

Charles spent his life pursuing his passions. As a young man he pursued his first love in life, which was football. He played high school, college, semi-professional, and attended multiple professional try-outs. He then spent several years in Texas discovering and developing a love for building, and enjoying the married life, (Sharon) and fatherhood. He moved to California at the age of 30 as a single man. There he would have many accomplishments. He was the founder and commissioner of calrecsports, and the biggest co-ed softball league in California. He changed his name to Chase Kennedy at the age of 36 to pursue an acting career. He was a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). Among many others, he made appearances in Dallas, Bakersfield PD, Vegas Vacation and Wayne's World II. The most enjoyable time of his life was coaching his two sons high school football team (West Shores Wildcats) to the CIF semi-finals. He then went on to coach women's softball at College of the Desert. After which he became a morning radio DJ in California City, CA, where he was well known by his listeners for his elaborate character voices, seven to be exact. He was also known for his morning catch phrase "MORNIN, MORNIN, MORNIN, this is Chase-Who's Your Daddy in the morning- Kennedy". After being remarried, (Cindy) he leased and managed a restaurant-dinner theatre in Mojave California, and started Hurkland Homes Incorporated, a successful, though short lived company building custom homes in California. His final passion in life, was writing books. Following his divorce with Cindy, he authored about 5 books illustrating his challenges as a parent, his battle with cancer and his encounter with Jesus during his late life struggles.

His hobbies were watching or playing sports, singing karaoke, and playing cards, but there was nothing he enjoyed more than spending time with his sons' families, and doing work around their houses, and on their cars. Those who knew him best knew him for the uniquely intelligent, multi-talented and wisdom instilling man that he was. His most impressive characteristic was his generosity. He was giving almost to a fault. Many times in his life he sacrificed his time, money and livelihood to help others. It was a tribute to his kind spirit, and his Christian belief system.

Chase (Charles) had an enormous impact on many people throughout his life. Aside from his immediate family, he had two ex-wives and five step children, those who played in his softball league, the student athletes he coached, his radio show listeners, and his employees who loved and respected him dearly. There will be a family gathering in his honor in Michigan on Saturday, October 12th. His remains will be laid to rest in Texas, in the weeks that follow.

Condolence & Memory Journal

Samantha. I am one of Chase's sisters. I know of you. If you email me at and confirm your identity by telling me your occupation, I will put you in touch with Ben and Luke.

Posted by Nancy White - South Lyon, MI - Sister   October 05, 2016

9/28/16: On the third anniversary of your passing into eternal life, I do so wonder how it is going for you. 'How are you' seems like a silly question for heaven. It is just that 'perfectly fine always' is so hard for us to imagine. Well, you know how things are going here for all of us, I imagine, so no point in belaboring things. Perhaps you would like to share how things are where you are? That could be most helpful. I'm listening. Nancy White

Posted by Nancy White - South Lyon, MI - Sister   September 27, 2016

I just discovered that Charles has passed. I would greatly appreciate it if Benjamin or Lucas would contact me.

Posted by samantha - CA   March 31, 2015


Here is to a year in heaven:)

Posted by mary kelly - sister   September 28, 2014

My name is Cindy, I am Chases' second wife. So funny because we got married four years after we were together. Chase and I shared many adventures in our time together; 7 years together and forever dear friends.
Chase was my Sampson, my Godsend. I prayed to God to send me someone strong and funny. We hit it off really well right away. Two people in this world needing to be loved.
I first heard of Chase while he was on the radio as a DJ in California City. I listened to his morning show, my alarm went off hearing "Mornin Mornin Mornin". I thought to myself who is this guy, I want to meet him. I went to the radio station to meet him and the rest is history.
I loved his mind and personality. We built houses together and opened a restaurant together and put on plays together.
Chase would get fevers really bad, so one fever he had I told him to come and stay with me so I can take care of you. He never left from that time.
We shared a lot of sweet and painful memories together, but we always got through them.
Chase and I would always take drives together and go look at land. Lay on the hood of the car and look at the stars and talk for hours.
Chase taught me how to roof a house, put up drywall rebuild a house and paint.
We had a baby that went to 6 month term because of medical complications we lost her. Her name was/is Magdilyn Charlette, named after both our mothers.
Chase was gifted with God's love, his insight was strong. He wrote several books and was an actor as well as a sweet husband and dear friend. I can write forever about him. Chase and I didn't divorce because we stopped loving each other. One reason was because of financial difficulties and a few people that refused to allow him and I to have our life together.
I will forever love and miss Chase, Him being gone has left me sad and lonely as I lost my Sampson. He texted meas he was too ill to talk and told me that we will all leave this world when it is GODS time, not Satan's time.
I love you, Cindy

Posted by Cindy Kae Berry ( KEnnedy) - Palmdale, CA - ex wife and dear friend   December 10, 2013


chase was always full of fun for us . he stopped by often upon returning out west. one of my favorite memories of chase was when he had cindy and her son with him. he was floating on the pool in our back yard. the lounger he picked happened to have cup holders in it so he thought it would be very appropriate for me to bring him something to drink. although it was more for being able to put a pop can in the drink holders than anything else , I got him his pop. He laughed and floated for quite sometime simply enjoying floating in the pool with a drink. I think of you and say a little prayer that you are doing ok without him. AUNT LINDA he was a joy to be around. UNCLE WALT

Posted by walt and linda schramski - davison, MI - sister   November 23, 2013

Just remembering being 13 or 14 years old. My dad was driving to work about 2 hours every day. Our house had one way windows, so I could see him coming home. I would hide behind the door and yell "HEY" when he walked in, and scare him senseless. I did it so often he started catching on to my game. I then started tricking him, and hiding other places, and it became so amusing to both of us because he would walk in and look all around the whole house, which had a circular floor plan. I would sometimes hide, and sneak up behind him, other times I would hide, and go around in front of him, and sometimes, I would go hide somewhere he had already looked. He almost never guessed correctly and I would scare him even worse due to the suspense. He became infatuated with the fact that he wasn't able to predict how I was going to get him. He use to joke and say I was going to give him a heart attack.

Posted by Lucas Tschirhart - Josephine, TX - Son   October 29, 2013

"Do Not Stand At My Grave and Weep"

Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there. I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning's hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry;
I am not there. I did not die.

By Mary Elizabeth Frye

Posted by Nancy White - South Lyon, MI - sister   October 22, 2013

Part 2 of 2: I remember Chase's courage in this struggle to regain his health and establish his life when he returned to California. He never had a pity party, before or after the cancer. He never wondered how this could be happening to him. With the patience of Job, he dealt with everything that came up. He said he rarely had a day when he felt down. He said he suspected that something might be wrong him that allowed that optimism. But I think he had great faith. He had a dream the night he learned his diagnosis. He was in the clouds and the song, On the Wings of a Snow White Dove", played over and over again. The song stayed with him for a long time after awakening. It gave him a great sense of peace. We had hoped it meant that all would be well according to our wishes, according to how we would have liked things to go, but in the end we were asked to surrender and accept something else.

When my Mom died we asked her cousin who was a priest to do her funeral. His name was Fr. Jack Gentner. We were all so sad that day and he said this to us: The depth of your grief this day will be the depth of your joy in time. When you move beyond your grief you will experience that joy as you realize all that your loved one was to you..that gift. I found the hope that Fr. Jack offered to be true, I and offer that hope especially to Ben and Luke and their families today. I am sorry for your loss. I am sorry for your pain today and I hope it is soon replaced with the joy of having had Chase as your father and grandfather.

Posted by Nancy White - South Lyon, MI - sister   October 20, 2013

Part 1: I am 8 years older than Chase, so he was only 10 when I left home. I remember that as a kid, Chase seemed to lack a fear of consequences, unlike most of his sisters who had a healthy respect for the consequences. Most of his sisters marched to the drum of the importance of the work-to- be-done and bought into that family philosophy; but not Chase. To Chase, WORK was not THE important thing in life. There were THOUGHTS to ponder, RELATIONSHIPS to be built, REST that was needed, and FUN to be had. How could the rest of us not see that? Being tied to work was a thought worthy of being challenged, which Chase did even at the ages of 5 or 7. I remember one day when Mom was trying to get him dressed to go out on a MI winter day to do work. It was a major challenge. She would tell him to put on this item of clothing and he would slowly do that as he continued to talk. Then she would tell him to put on the next thing. And on and on it went. When he finally was out the door, Mom said, Well, he has a lot of good thoughts. So while it always seemed to me that his position in our family had some perks, I never saw it as an overall easy spot. Fast forward 57 years now to this year, 2013. The date is Thursday 2/28/13: He is in Harbor Hospital in Torrance, CA. I am sitting at his beside his bed and he said:
I don't know what people do without 8 sisters. I think it is a prerequisite. I couldn't imagine it.
It was the first time I realized that he valued his unusual placement in our family structure. I enjoyed knowing that he felt that way.

Posted by Nancy White - South Lyon, MI - sister   October 20, 2013

Well, one of many more to come, I guarantee it dad. I remember when we were roofing John Newman's house. He had left, and took the ladders,, you were committed to making more progress with the time we had left that day, because that's who you were. You came up with a plan...we would stand on your trailer, you would lift me up to the roof and then you would jump up, and I would grab you and pull you up. The first part went as planned, I remember as I knelt on the edge on the roof, waiting for your jump to grab the back of your shirt to pull you up. What you did not account for was your 47 year old legs, and your extra winter weight. Every time I think about your little digits, barely eclipsing the edge of the roof I loose my mind with laughter, just as I did that day, when I was unable to grab any part of you , and you fell a good 10 feet to the ground. I don't know why, but every since I was a boy, it was hilarious to me to see you hurt yourself. I guess because it was something I never saw as being possible. I suppose its normal, my girls laugh hysterically when I hurt myself, I have laughed at least 6 times recalling the memory, and for that I thank you.

Love you-miss you

Posted by Lucas Tschirhart - Josephine, TX - Son   October 15, 2013

Back in our early teen years, some Shetland ponies wondered to the farm. Chase came to the house to find me. "Come on, Mary, let's ride these ponies." The twins and dad were already by the ponies. We were taking turns riding them bareback. My pony was running, I was hanging on but knew I was in trouble. "I am going to fall off" I yelled. Without hesitation Chase calls back, "fall like an Indian." I knew just what to do, let go and lean to one side and slide down as the pony ran. It was an easy way to fall, thanks to all the westerners we watched as kids, and Chase.s quick thinking.MBcDcmbcdc

Posted by Mary Kelly - houghton lk, MI - sister   October 15, 2013

Uncle Chase I remember coming back to live in Michigan for a while as I was an adult, I vividly remember him coming over to my parents house to come type up and research on his books during that time period. Mountain Dew seemed to be a pivotal role in his late night writings. His drive and curiosity always amused me as to what he was interested in next. He was full of surprises and will be deeply missed. He enjoyed the moment often with a Mountain Dew instead of the 'Diet Coke' joy that Sallie & I share, we will all have to have one together in your honor. :)

Posted by Jennifer Booms - MI - Niece   October 10, 2013

I can remember when we were children and it was snowing outside. Chuck would go out for a head start at making snowballs to throw at his sisters. :) His joy of fresh winters snow will always be remembered in my heart as it was that same simple joy that drove him to pursue his passions in life.

Posted by joann sengstock - MI - Sister   October 10, 2013

When Pamela was born, Chuck was about five years old. He cried, because she was not a brother. His heart was set on a brother. One of his oldest sisters, told him, Chuck just think of all the things you will be able to teach her because she won't know how to play ball, drive tractor, ride horses, etc.' (We all know baby boys automatically would know how to do all these things, right?) Well, Chuck thought about it and quit crying. He was the Big Brother to his baby sister, Pamela. He was going to teach her everything. The last lesson is the hardest for all eight of us.

Posted by Joyce Koglin - MI - sister   October 09, 2013


Ah, CharlesTschirhart, there will never be another man like you. Nope. Not on earth and not in heaven. You were one of a kind. So, here is to you, Chuck, love you forever.

Mary Kelly

Posted by mary kelly - houghton lake, MI - sister   October 05, 2013

I miss you already little brother
But ..........when were kids I did have my fun with you. One memory that you reminded me of this summer was "the cookie thing" The cookie thing was when all of us were home and I took a pan of cookies out of the oven and 7 little guys (carol was big like me) each grabbed one, there weren't many cookies left and it seemed impossible to get ahead. And chuckie, you, were a big part of the problem. So I used your clay and I cut and frosted it just like the cookies and when you came around again I said "here Chuckie". Three seconds after you put that clay in your mouth, the moment itself was everything I had hoped for. We had such a good laugh again this summer At that memory and many others. I think we always laughed a lot because we both have a good sense of humor and of course because we are so verrrry profound as people........which made us both laugh even though our tears.

Posted by Sallie Reithel - MI   October 04, 2013

One of my favorite memories is riding in Uncle Chuck's car when I was maybe 3 years old or so. We were going to pick up Aunt Sharon from college and we sang "if you're happy and you know it..." I also remember sitting on his lap when I was little as he taught me how to play euchre.

This memory always makes me smile..we were all up north at grandpa's playing ball in the front yard, Uncle Chuck was pitching to me and he told me to choke up on the bat. So I "choked up" literally and he laughed so hard and then walked over to me and had to move my hands up on the bat.

Posted by Amy Uphouse - Pinckney, MI - Niece   October 04, 2013

One of the funniest memories I have of my dad was when I was in college. We were using my truck to pull a trailer to help a friend of his move...a long way...about 8 hours or so. I was giving him a hard time because I didn't like him using my truck to work with, because he always WORKED it really hard. About half way my truck began to overheat, and we were late. I told him to pull over and put coolant in, and he said we will in a few miles..."Its not that bad, I don't hear the bearing knocking yet". About 5 minutes later, the truck stalled, the temp gauge broke and we rolled downhill to a gas station about a mile. I was giving him extra grief at this point, he was taking a drink of water, and I mockingly said "I don't hear the bearings knocking yet" and he laughed so hard that he spit water out all over the wind shield and dash, and proceeded to choke for about 5 minutes. It was something we recalled and joked about on a regular basis.

Love you more dad, miss you.

Posted by Lucas - Josephine, TX - Son   October 03, 2013

One of my favorite memories of uncle chuck was playing baseball in the front yard at grandma and grandpas. I always wanted him on my team, because his team always won and two, because I never wanted to field his hits. He was always so much fun and loved to play with his nieces and nephews. This summer I had an opportunity to sit with him at my moms along with my dad, mom, and aunt Mary and he shared many childhood memories. He had us laughing so hard telling sibling stories and secrets about life growing up on the Tschirhart farm. I loved his spirit for life and will miss him. Much love to you both Ben and Luke and your families. I hope you find comfort in knowing how much he was loved by all of us.

Posted by Andrea chase    October 02, 2013