Condolence & Memory Journal


Dad:Just thinking about you today, and missing you.
Love Kathy

Posted by Kathy Furr - Phoenix, AZ - daughter   May 10, 2013

Being the youngest grand kid, I may have not been able to spend as much time as everyone else did with him, but that doesn't mean I didn't cherish every moment I spent with my Grandpa Arnie.
I remember when I was a sophomore in high school, I was playing on the JV softball team and he and my grandma drove down to Arizona to watch me play. I was so excited for them to come to a couple of games, but unfortunately my coach wasn't very fond of me so the first day they showed up, I didn't get to play. I was really upset because they had driven all that way and I just wanted to make them proud. The next day, my school was playing another team, and I finally stepped out onto that field a few innings in and I look over to see my grandpa, crying because he was so happy, and beaming at me, with the biggest smile on his face.
I'm am also so grateful that he was able to make it to my high school graduation, it meant so much to me for him to be there. My grandpa was the sweetest, grumpiest, old man I knew, but he loved me very much, just as I love him. I miss him so much and I hope that he'll be proud of me still in all that I do, just like he always has been.
I love you grandpa. Rest in peace.

Posted by Lindsey Furr - Phoenix, AZ - Granddaughter   February 17, 2013


Until today I haven't had the strength to write this,as I miss Dad so much. I have such great memories of our camping/ fishing trips to Lake Cachuma and how we thought catching those big gold fish were really something special.How Dad always managed to make doing yard work fun somehow.Yes, ,Jade I was out there before you were. Also, of the trip we took to Mexico in the motorhome when Dad decided to drive out on the sand and we got stuck. The girls were so embarrased, but still managed to have a great time ( Deb with her broken toe ,and all).
Of all the trips we took driving back to Iowa, and how it always seemed like such a fun time,even when it was so hot and sticky. It was hard to watch as Dad seemed to slow down over the past years ,and just stitting around I knew he really wasn't happy. Even though for us it will be hard with him gone, I know in my heart he is in a better place and is watching over us all with his great bright blue eyes ,and smile.

In my heart forever,love Kathy (the cute one).

Posted by Kathy Furr - Phoenix, AZ - the "cute" daughter   February 13, 2013

Dear Debra, Doris and family,
Our deepest sympathy on your loss. He was always a good guy and fun to visit with, even if it was while trying to fix a tree at Deb's house.
We are so sorry.
Dan and Mary Ellen

Posted by Dan & MaryEllen Stocking - Indio, CA - friends   January 27, 2013

I will always remember my sweet Arny with the fondest of memories.
When The Martens walked into "El Mexicali cafe II" It made me feel so special to request to sit at my station, I remember he always asked for two soft tacos (one chicken and one shredded beef) and his Dos X beer or a blended margarita.
No matter how busy I was, I loved to take time and chat with them. I remember two years ago I was so proud to get a very nice Christmas card and a very generous bonus too. But the words they wrote on it it almost made me cry because it said that they thought of me as part of their family; I was soooo proud show it to my bosses and cooworkers and my wife. In all reality they do make me feel as if I am one of them.
Arny always gave me a kiss on each chick when he came into the restaurant and before he left, I am going to miss that.
Arny was a very special man. I am truly going to miss him -Armando



Dear Doris, Linda, Debbie, Kathy, Robbie & family,

My heart and prayers go out to all of you.
Arnie enjoyed being with family and friends, he had a kind, soft heart and a great smile that always made you feel welcomed. He loved to sit and talk, and yes, his beer,too. Arnie, this "Bud's" for in peace!

Doris, you have always been the caretaker, now , it's your time to take care of yourself. Stay well and keep the faith!

Love & Hugs,


Posted by Maddie Seabold - Granite Bay, CA - sister-in -law   January 25, 2013


Posted by DOUG MARTENS - DAVENPORT, IA - NEPHEW   January 25, 2013

Many times I popped by the house on Corte Jalisco to find Arnie sitting in his
favorite chair; sometimes he'd have a puzzle he was working on, and other times he'd have a beer he was working on. What stands out to me, though, was the time I shared meals with Arnie when Doris had to be out of town. Since I was working part time, I didn't have much time to cook, so I went over to El Pollo Loco and got us some chicken, tortillas, Salsa, salad, and beans. Well, you'd think I'd slaved over the hot stove all day; he was so pleased with the dinner. He was so cheerful and sweet about it all. I know he was missing Doris, but he knew she needed to be with her brother, so he just made the best of it.

Doris, you are such a dear, and caring friend; I'm feeling your sorrow, and I hope you won't hesitate to call me when you need someone to laugh at or need a little distraction. None of us wanted to see Arnie suffer, so I'm relieved that he didn't have a long lingering illness. Now I just want to see you take care of yourself as you are dearly loved by so many. We want you around a long time.
Carol DeRossett

Posted by Carol DeRossett - Indio, CA - Neighbor and Friend   January 24, 2013


I have been a friend of the Martens for over forty yrs. Deb is my Very Best Friend and she is a gift given to me from God AND Arnie and Doris. Arnie reminded me so much of my own Father. A very Happy and Gentle and Kind man. Rest in Peace Arnie, I love You From Lynn

Posted by Melinda Wood - Azusa, CA - Friend of Family   January 24, 2013

Arnie had a kind heart and willing to help everyone. I learned most of my DIY skills from Arnie. Whether it was roofing, landscaping, electrical work, he had the know how to finish the job. He even perfected the art of swearing when I wouldn't follow directions, but also ended with a smile and "let's have a beer"
He loved his beers and a number of times he would have his eyes shut and felt someone getting off the couch, and he would spark up and say, "yes, I'll have another one".
I will miss my favorite father in law. Won't be the same without you, but every time I drink a beer, I'll remember you.

Love you Arnie.


Posted by Doug Bergen - Littleton, CO - Son-in-law   January 24, 2013


Aunt Doris, Linda, Debbie, Kathy and Robbie,
Uncle Arnie will be missed very much, he was such a kind soul with a smile from ear to ear. So glad we got to visit each time we came down to Palm Dessert. Our thoughts are with you all during this difficult time. I'm sure he is shooting the breeze in heaven with my dad, Jan 20th and 21st are etched in our hearts forever.
Hugs and Prayers to all,
Kelly Corado

Posted by Kelly Corado - Granite Bay, CA - Niece   January 24, 2013

Aunt Doris Day/Linda/Debbie/Cathy & Robbie: We are so sad to hear about Uncle Arnie. I'm so glad we were there to see him at Thanksgiving. Wish Gail could of come to see him then also.

He always had a story to tell and his smile lit up any room
We love you all and our prayers are with you!
Mom and Dad will be flying out to see you all.


Posted by Cindy Hepner Concannon - Coal Valley, IL - Neice   January 23, 2013