Condolence & Memory Journal

As is oftentimes the case, I am a day late and a dollar short. I had left you a message earlier, but it appears that it has mysteriously vanished. Another year has gone by, and many of us have been dealing with the grief of mutual loved ones. We lost both George Roussos and Jane D. within the last few months, and it hasn't been easy for any of us. If there truly is a life hereafter, I hope you will miraculously meet all of our friends we have lost the past five years. We still miss you!

Mucho amour,
Dennis and Monique

Posted by Dennis Sperat - Palm Desert, CA - Friend   March 04, 2019

Another year has gone by and a few more of our friends are no longer with us. We lost Jimmy McShane, George Roussos and Jane diLazzaro. Monique and I will be joining Judith for lunch in a few weeks. I promise that we'll be toasting you in grand fashion. How much fun would it be if you were able to join us? I'm certain our facial muscles would be aching.

Much love from all of us!

Dennis & Monique

Posted by Dennis Sperat - Palm Desert, CA - Friend   March 04, 2019

Jimmy, time is flying by but you're always in my heart and when I think of you it is with love. ♥

Posted by Babs Murray-Ure - Morongo Valley, CA - Friend   March 02, 2019

Yes, another year has passed, and not without many of us missing you. Jimmy McShane is no longer with us, and Jane has been struggling through chemotherapy and radiation. It has been at least a year since we last got together with Judith, but I'll be reaching out to her momentarily. I promise we'll raise our glasses once again in honor of you and your friendship we'll forever hold dear to us.

Posted by Dennis Sperat - Palm Desert, CA - Friend   March 03, 2018

Another year has passed and seeing your photo on this sight reminds me you have gone. I feel you took a piece of my heart so we will always be connected. Sending love and a lasting embrace. Babs

Posted by Babs Murray-Ure - Asheville, NC - Friend   March 03, 2018

Time passes far too quickly! We'll be getting together with Judith shortly and promise not to forget to raise our glasses in your honor. The laughs will definitely be fewer without you and the mood will be more somber than usual. How fun would it be to have the opportunity to spend a little time together just one more time?

Posted by Dennis Sperat - Palm Desert, CA - Friend   March 04, 2017

My dear friend, I think of you often, and the memories that we've shared. I know it's like that with all who knew you. We all have our moments and stories, That is how we really live on. I love you now, I loved you then. Shine on James, shine on.

Posted by Larry Blaylock - Fairfax, CA - Family Friend   March 03, 2017

Oh my friend, another year has passed. You are as loved today as when we could see your sweet face. And I miss you.

Posted by Babs Murray-Ure - Asheville, NC - Friend   March 02, 2017

James, our thoughts are still with you. We have been thinking about you this past week and will be getting together with a few of those closest to you next week. Rest assured that we'll be raising our glasses in your direction throughout the evening. If only you could be with us one more time..........

Posted by Dennis Sperat - Palm Desert, CA - Friend   March 05, 2016


I look at your picture and I die. You are such a beautiful spirit and your smile still lights up the room.

Posted by Babs - Asheville, NC - Friend   March 03, 2016

James, we toasted you on this very day one week ago. Your name crops up regularly in conversations with mutual friends as we continue to miss you. You are still with us, if only in thought.
Love, Dennis and Monique

Posted by Dennis Sperat - Palm Desert, CA - long-time friend   March 10, 2015


Jimmy, it has been a year since you "grew old"" as you told me and then you followed your path til the end. I know every step on that journey was filled with the love and laughter you shared with us here back to you tenfold.
Big hug and 30 kisses.

Posted by Babs - Asheville, NC   March 06, 2015

Will ALWAYS remember the wonderful times at St.James made even more special by thr special magic of Jimmy.

Posted by Nelson Hower - Venice, CA - Fan   September 01, 2014

A day hasn't gone by that my memories of you have not flooded my mind. Although we had spent long hours together for several years during the eighties discussing everything under the sun, my recollection of the development of our lifelong friendship is still as clear as a bell. What I loved then and will always love most about you is your uncanny openness. There wasn't an unapproachable subject that eluded our lengthy conversations, and you had no fear of allowing your mind to travel where so many of us would tread ever so lightly. As I continue to age and I find myself on the brink of falling into the abyss of stagnant conservatism, I'll rely on my memories of the time we spent together to keep my mind fresh and alive.
At this point in my life, the odds of cultivating the kind of friendship we shared are between zero and nil, so I'll have to count on my best memories of you when I feel a need to laugh at myself. I promise to never take myself too seriously, and to keep you forever alive in both my mind and spirit.

Posted by Dennis Sperat - Upland, CA - Friends Forever   April 07, 2014

We shared many beautiful memories together and every year celebrated our birthdays together. I know you're in Heaven with Jesus so you are happy rejoicing with all those who have gone before. You will be missed by so many and I am so sad to hear of your journey home. So many people will always love you and remember those days at St. James, both at the old restaurant and the new one.
Sending my thoughts and prayers to your family with all best wishes. Loved you so much and look forward to seeing you again.


Please contact me if the services haven't already happened.

Posted by Gale Stuart - Palm Springs, CA - Good friend   March 27, 2014


So sad about your passing. I enjoyed you and your beautiful and eclectic restaurant over the years very much. Your artistic talents were reflected in St. James at the Vineyard not only by the beautiful artifacts displayed but also by the excellence of the food. Palm Springs will miss you very much.

Posted by Katherine Petersen - Palm Springs, CA - Friend   March 17, 2014


Jimmy, sweet, sweet one. The wonderful memories of our times together
will remain in my heart. You are one of the brightest new stars in God's heaven.

Posted by Babs Murray-Ure - fairview, NC - friend   March 15, 2014

There's a special place in my heart for you James, your giving, sharing,
laughter and generosity, was there ,for all that knew you. You definitely did it "Your Way" " Shine on James" Shine on

Gas and Gheri

Posted by Larry "Gas" Blaylock - Fairfax, CA - Long time freind   March 15, 2014

Judy, our entire family is sorely sorry for the passing of James.He was truly a really, really good guy. I enjoyed being around him. We love you and look forward to seeing you .


Posted by buddy cubitt - Spartanburg, SC   March 13, 2014


James was always his own person.
He was a master of making people come together. His smile and laughter lit up the room.
He will be missed!
May you rest with the angels James.
Much love

Posted by Cheryl Davis - Henderson, NV - friend   March 13, 2014